The Last Day | Vegan For A Week

vegan day 7

This week flew by! Maybe because I enjoyed eating vegan so much… I’d say so!


Benefit Harvest Morn Red Berries Cereal

Almond Milk

Then I had a snack while tidying my room of some multigrain crackers from Aldi – super cheap and super tasty!


Brown Rice

Courgette, Pepper, Mushrooms, Onions, Celery

All cooked in Soy Sauce & topped with Cauldron Falafel

This was such a lovely dinner and I actually made the perfect portion size this time! I’m getting the hang of it, I tell you. Meals like this are also super filling and give you amazing amounts of energy. This was definitely one of my favourites.


Fried Potatoes & Mushrooms

Baked Beans

2 slices of Brown Bread with Vegan Margarine

So simple but so yummy! I was ridiculously full up after this meal. This is the type of meal that’s good to make when on a budget – perfect for me!

So, that’s it! I can’t believe the challenge is over already.

I’ll be uploading another blog post in the next few days with my overall thoughts on the challenge & if it’s changed my outlook on veganism. I’ll also be listing my favourite meals over the past week & maybe including a shopping list for the entire week. Please keep an eye out for that! I’ll also be including the link to my Youtube video which shows all of my meals that I prepared, my shopping trips and just daily thoughts.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed reading this series as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it. It’s been so fun. Thank you to everyone who liked my posts and followed my blog from this series. Such small things like that really do make me happy.



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