Day 6 | Vegan For A Week

vegan day 6

Today was a bit crazy because I had a music theory exam this morning (ew). It didn’t go too well but thankfully it was just a mock exam!




Alpro Soya Dark Chocolate Yoghurt drizzled over

This breakfast has really sat well with me and I know that I’ll be having it more often even after this challenge because it’s just so simple and delicious!


Leftover Courgetti (with added mushrooms)

Chopped Celery

Chopped Red Pepper

Cauldron Falafels (so so so so so good)

2 pieces of Brown Bread with Vegan Margarine

Then (even though that dinner filled me up massively) I was still peckish and had some of my Olives. This time in the Chili & Oregano flavour. Pretty spicy, but so good.

day 6


Holland & Barrett Vegan Steak Slice


(This meal is now one of my favourites)

So that was it! Today was a bit of a hectic day which called for quick meals, however I didn’t need to neglect portion sizes just because of this. I’m learning from being vegan that if you eat the right meals you will rarely feel the need to snack/crave sweet foods. I’m actually impressed with the fact that the only unhealthy-ish thing I’ve eaten in the past 6 days was the vegan marshmallow coated in chocolate. If anything, this challenge has been a complete game changer.



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