Day 5 | Vegan For A Week

day 5

Today was packed with fruit & veggies which is what I love!




Alpro Soya Dark Chocolate Yoghurt drizzled over

I think today was the day I realised I really enjoy being vegan. I feel great. I feel healthy. Although, my friend had a really cheesy pizza last night and I was a little bit jealous…


Mushrooms, Courgettes, Onions, Falafel and Brown Rice (cooked in a little bit of soy sauce – weird combination, I know)

I really enjoyed this meal. It filled me up just enough (and I was better at portioning my rice this time). Falafel is just the dream.

I had a cup of tea (made with soya milk after learning from my almond milk mistake) and saw my vegan marshmallow (coated in dark chocolate and honeycomb pieces) in the corner of my eyes. Of course I ate it. Of course it was delicious. I never expected vegan marshmallows to have that texture, though. I can liken it mostly to just a dry marshmallow. It doesn’t melt in the mouth but still has the same taste.



A Bag of Courgetti

Chopped tomatoes

Knorr’s Naturally Tasty Spaghetti Bolognese Flavouring

Quorn Vegan Chicken Nuggets

I’ve loved Courgetti for a while now, and having it in a homemade Bolognese sauce with some chicken nuggets is a great combination. This was also enough for two portions, so I’ve refrigerated the other half and will have that tomorrow (money saving – that’s what us students like).



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