Day 4 | Vegan For A Week

Bit of a late upload today (yesterday, technically) but I spent the night at a pub quiz which was fun. pfft, of COURSE we didn’t come last… definitely not.. (we did)



Chopped Strawberries

Alpro Soya Dark Chocolate Yoghurt drizzled over it (I was in heaven)

I love that with plant-based foods you don’t feel guilty about eating sweet-tasting things. This breakfast felt more like a dessert but I really wasn’t complaining.

I then had a bag of ‘Pea Snacks’ which were salt & vinegar flavoured from Aldi which are amazingggg, I love them and they fill you up so easily.


lunch day 4

Vegan Steak Slice (from Holland & Barrett)

1 Avocado

Pack of ‘Oloves’ Basil & Garlic Olives

This lunch was the dream. Before I stopped eating meat (about a year ago),  I always loved the steak bakes from Gregg’s, and these don’t taste exactly like them but they have similarities and that’s close enough for me. At only £1.59, I don’t actually think that’s too bad considering you’d pay £2 for Quorn’s vegetarian (but not vegan) equivalent.


3 falafel & hummus wraps with courgettes, peppers & mushrooms (you know the score by now)

These were so delicious but, again, I’m awful at making wraps look good for some reason so there is no point including a picture. I’ve always loved the combination of hummus and falafel – the fact that I was able to eat this while vegan actually made my day.

Overall score for food eaten today? 11/10



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