Day 3 | Vegan For A Week

vegan day 3

How is it Day 3 already?!

Today was all about the snacks – they really won me over.


Benefit Harvest Morn Cereal with banana & strawberries – made with almond milk

I love the combination of strawberries and bananas and this breakfast just made me want to drink a lovely lil smoothie!


Spaghetti Hoops with chopped celery & mushrooms

I wasn’t really in the mood for cooking today (it’s Sunday, I’m allowed to be lazy) so spaghetti hoops & veggies were the best option. I also ate a pack of ‘Oloves’ Olives afterwards which were basil and garlic flavoured. Sooooo yummy.

I handed in my essay today! Which meant (finally) treating myself to that chocolate brownie. It was so delicious. Made with dates, cashews, date syrup, cacao, sunflower seeds,  cashew butter and coconut oil (yes, that’s literally it), it’s gluten free, dairy free & sugar free. At £2.30 I’d be sceptical to buy it again anytime soon, even though it was so yummy, but it would be interesting to try and attempt to make these bars myself.


Fajitas! – Filled with mushrooms, peppers & courgette and flavoured with Old El Paso’s Smokey BBQ Fajita seasoning in tortilla wraps.

I didn’t make enough filling so I’m not going to bother showing a picture, you would just see flat pieces of folded up tortilla wraps 😦 but even still, they were amazing, even if a bit too spicy for my amateur tastebuds.

Discovery for the day: Soya milk is super good in tea, I’m obsessed.




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