Vegan for a Week

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I spent last night watching a documentary about the food industry (when I should have been finishing my essay for uni) and it opened my eyes a lot. I always knew that there were problems in the food industry but never to the extent that I’d seen in this documentary. It’s called Food, Inc. if you’re wondering, and you can find it on Netflix.

I’d always wondered whether I would be able to go vegan, and me and my friends always speak about it. So, I thought instead of jumping straight into becoming vegan, I would just try it out for a week to see how I felt about it.

In all honesty, being vegan while being a student with little money seems almost impossible. I went shopping for the food for the next week, today, and spent a lot more than I ever normally would on my vegetarian diet. The vegetable, rice, almond/soya milk and pasta side of the vegan diet is all reasonably priced – that isn’t my problem. However, I really like to snack. And this is what made it come to such an expensive total. The price I spent on most of the snacks e.g. a Raw Chocolate Brownie Bar which was £2.30, was more than I would justify even spending on a ready meal.

But, I’m still intrigued to try a lot of the things that I’ve bought, and really excited too! I haven’t stopped thinking of that brownie bar all day and all of the other lovely things I’ve bought (a vegan marshmallow coated in dark chocolate and honeycomb pieces to be more precise). I can’t wait to start tomorrow!

I’ll be uploading the meals I ate everyday on my youtube channel ( and will hopefully keep track on this blog of my progress and meal recipes/ingredients.



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