The Weekend


So, I am finally home for Christmas as it’s now come to the end of my first term at university!

This means spending endless hours in my comfy bed, returning to my ‘crazy cat lady’ mode and talking to my cats (and forever being sad that they don’t reply), drinking copious amounts of tea (in bed, obviously) and watching tons of trashy television. These are all wonderful things, but, my favourite thing, admittedly, is being able to see my boyfriend more often.

This is the first full weekend we’ve spent together since I’ve been back, and it was fun!

Friday night we spent at the cinema watching ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ at the cinema (I highly recommend). Initially, I didn’t have much excitement for this film even though people have been going crazy about how good it is since it’s been released. But, I was soon proved wrong and really enjoyed the film! Sometimes, I find it quite off-putting when films are longer than 2 hours and I think that’s what made me less excited for this one, but it was so so so good. The plot, the characters, the effects, everything. (Plus, it’s nice to see the film from the perspective of life outside of Hogwarts). I really do recommend that you watch this film! After the film we went to our favourite place in the world, Pizza Hut, and as you can imagine, ate some beautiful beautiful pizza.

Saturday was quite a lazy day, we basically spent the day watching Netflix and then spontaneously decided to make brownies. They were yum.

Then today was another lazy day watching Netflix.

Sometimes I think that the weekends where you just laze around are the best ones. It gives your head some time to just relax from the busy thoughts that most of us have on a daily basis. I haven’t got any deadlines for anything important at the moment and yet I still find myself stressed over things like incomplete christmas presents and sorting out plans with friends for the holidays.

So, the first thing I did when I got home from Niall’s was writing a to-do list of all of the things I need to do over the next week. Does this stress me out? Completely. But the fact that I’ve had such a lovely weekend makes it easier to think and start my week head-on with the intention of getting my shit together before Christmas.

Wish me luck!





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